Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Week 5, Day 3 — Lucky?

The sun has come out to play.   I spent my lunch hour in the park at one of my favourite spots near the Kennedy monument, watching the world go by.

The park's full of traffic again, suddenly busy after the couple of wet weeks that brought summer to an early demise: students going back and forth to uni, others heading to the new art school campus, plus people out enjoying the simple pleasure of a sunny autumnal stroll.

I felt a strange detachment from these happy people around me as I sat there.   My morning had been particularly stressful with venue and funding woes threatening the tour of my play next spring; I've valiantly battled to get as far as I have yet feel like the support I had in place is crashing down around me.  This may sound crazy, but I almost felt bereaved, as if the life of my pet project was ebbing away before me.  My head felt like it might burst with tension as I sat there feeling powerless and inept, wondering why yet again the universe was conspiring against me.

A wee Jack Russell ran towards me, the owner shouting after it as it gambled ahead.  It stopped obediently in front of me, panting, tongue waving and chest heaving from the run, eyeing me and clearly looking quite pleased with itself.  I noticed that it only had three legs; the back-right one was missing.  The owner called out "grab her for me" as he jogged up the slope, so I patted her head and held her collar to keep her from running off again.  As she cuddled into my leg to be clapped, I spotted her name dangling from a little gold plate round her neck — it was Lucky.

Synchronicity?  Coincidence?  Who knows.  At least it made me smile.

I'm summing up with 3P's:  perspective, priorities and perseverance.


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