Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Week 2, Day 2 — Dip

I'm having a bit of a dip today.  The warning signs were there at the weekend after I felt so exhausted, and I can't help but think I've been carrying some low-lying bug or a cold of some sort that hasn't fully revealed itself.  Last night I hardly slept, insomniating for hours on end, drifting in and out of sleep for barely under an hour and a half in total before forcing myself into the shower and out to work.  Morning pages skipped, morning walk skipped, breakfast skipped — I haven't even had coffee yet.  My whole routine is out the window.  As I commuted to work I felt miserable, a failure, like I've let myself down.  Two of my blurts kept playing on my mind:  "You never finish things" and "I knew you wouldn't make it".  My energy is so low that I can't work out how to claw back some productivity and be creative on a day like this.

Deep breaths.  Relax.  Positive affirmations.

I resign myself to the fact that big to-do list jobs need to be put off today; there's no point trying to tackle them and risk doing them badly.  I'll challenge the smaller things on my list and build myself up by achieving wee goals instead.

If the rain stays off I'll go a walk at lunchtime to clear my head.  Fresh air and light will refresh me; maybe I'll find something tasty and reinvigorating for lunch.


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