Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week 4, Day 7 — Double Date

I finally caught up on my Artist Date with the big double I've been promising myself.  :)

After today's rehearsal, I headed into town and saw not one but TWO movies, broken up with dinner between screenings.   One of last week's tasks asked to identify a favourite film from your childhood. Jurassic Park is in my top ten:  it was one of the first movies I ever saw on the big screen, and I wrote it down — by sheer coincidence (or is it synchronicity?) it has been re-released at the cinema this week for it's 20th anniversary.  So, bag of popcorn in hand, I spent this evening reliving part of my youth.

I'm home now and starting to think I'm a little bit too relaxed.  I should be intimidated by the sheer volume of lines I still have to learn.  I should be concerned about tackling my to-do list.  I should be panicky about my backed up emails and feeds from my days of reading depravation.  But I'm not intimidated or concerned or panicky in the slightest.  I feel okay with everything.  I've reached a point this week where I trust things are progressing at the right pace.  They seem to be coming together of their own accord.

I just hope I can carry this quiet confidence over to next week, as the pressure is really about to pile on.

I had a go at writing my Artist's Prayer today.  I found myself slipping into perfectionist mode, and started to resent everything I put down.  I scored out, I scribbled, I got annoyed.  Then one line jumped out at me from the page, and it seemed familiar.  I realised I had stolen (well, borrowed) it from my buddy Linda who has plied me with encouraging words via Twitter recently.  It deserves to stand on its own right now rather than being worked into something else, so I'm going to adopt it verbatim.
Relax.  Everything is going to be alright.
That'll do me nicely for now.  If something else decides to replace it, I trust it will come to me in my morning pages.


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