Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Week 3, Day 3 — Anger Week

This week is timetabled in the book as 'anger week'.  Now I'm pretty sure it's by coincidence that I'm in a very turbulent mood tonight, as the feelings and emotions I'm seething with have nothing to do with my creative journey... unless, that is, the exercises and readings are having more of an impact on my moods and demeanour than I've credited.  Instead, I'm going to put it down to having a bit of a 'life catching up with me' day.

I'm afraid I've been left with little time to read or reflect as a result.  I've still got work to do, so I'm going to head to bed early and hope for a better day tomorrow.  I'm taking fifteen minutes out to blog, write my affirmations, make a pot of tea and maybe even steal five minutes to just sit, breathe, and recentre myself before going head first into another set of facts and figures.

Here's hoping for a magnanimous Thursday.


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