Thursday, 22 September 2011

Week 4, Day 4 — A Different Journey

I’m almost completely off the grid today. I spent 7 hours travelling by train to Mansfield where I’m conducting research for the next few days. I managed to hop online for a few snatched minutes between train changes, but other than that have had no internet access all day. I’ve had no emails, and no texts or phone calls either. My social blackout has been more successful, and the funny thing is once the initial itch to check wore off, I started to feel calm and serene. The background chatter of the world gradually disappeared and I found myself instead with my face pressed against the window watching the landscape and scenery flash past. I took pictures of the sea on the northeast coast of England, the countryside of Yorkshire, castles, houses, lighthouses, farms, towers, hills, bridges and buildings. A different type of artist came out to play today!

I’ve only got a very brief window of internet time to write and post this blog (I’m not checking emails or anything else, honest!), so I’m going to leave you with a few window-shots and sneak off again to enjoy the big, comfy hotel bed that’s waiting for me with a mountain of fluffy pillows.


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