Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Week 12, Day 3 — Do Not Disturb!

I've been working with the affirmations from earlier in the course tonight.  Week 12 encourages you to go back and laugh at some of your old fears before revisiting the affirmative mantras that helped you blast some of those fears away over the past few weeks.  It's interesting to reflect on the changes I see over the past 3 months.  There are areas where I've certainly grown in confidence and self-belief, but others where I'm perhaps just as awkward as I always was, if not more so in some cases.  I guess that's all part and parcel of the journey, and I'm happy with that:  one area of change at a time is a good enough pace for me.  I know what I need to continue working on moving forwards.

After finishing the exercise I checked my emails and found positive messages from two people I count among my supporters—yet more affirmation if ever I needed it!  Both of their names are neatly written on pieces of paper I've folded into cranes (yes, paper cranes!) and placed in jars where I'll be keeping them safe.  I like this little task and will secretly be continuing it long after The Artist's Way has drawn to its conclusion… ;-)

I've also been enjoying lots of micro Artist's Dates this week.  I've scheduled a little one into every single day this week, with some days even having two or more.  I have a big one planned for Sunday to round off and celebrate reaching the end of the 12 weeks.  I'm about to indulge in today's third mini-date… a long soak in the bath with a new album and a mug of hot chocolate, followed by an early bed with my new book.

Please—Do Not Disturb!


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