Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Week 10, Day 3 — Eye Off The Ball

OH ****!!

I took my eye off the ball this week and ran square into the goal post.

Last night I wrote about being on top of things for the first time in ages, but had a niggling paranoid feeling as I was convinced I should be doing something.  Turns out I was right not to feel Zen about my free time—the writing assignment I have due has a deadline of tomorrow, not next week as I originally put in my diary.

Yes, the Award for Monumental Cock-Up of the Week goes to...  Me.  :-/

Fingers crossed I'll be able to grab an extension, as I've now committed myself to a wee job recording vocals over the next few days seeing as I had the spare time on my hands to fit it in.  Oh the irony...

In other news, I've managed to fail on almost all counts of my Bottom Line resolutions from Monday within the first 48 hours of making them.  I need to try much harder this week as I'm clearly being tested; they are for my own good, it doesn't bode well to be caving in and resorting to old habits.

Meanwhile, a niggling wee voice is chewing away at the back of my head, singing "neh neh, neh neh, neeeeeh neh—told you so".



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