Sunday, 13 November 2011

Week 11, Day 6 — Closed Windows

I was back at the RCS (the RSAMD) to watch another student play on Saturday afternoon, and was surprised to find a dear friend in the cast.  In all my recent busyness I had completely overlooked the fact she is now in her final year and is of course at the production and presentation stage of her degree.  She gave a beautiful performance, as did the rest of the cast, leaving me quite moved.  We met briefly afterwards and promised to see each other soon for a proper catch up.

When I got home I found myself in an odd mood.  I felt a bit sad, if truth be told.  Now I know Medea isn't the cheeriest of plays at the best of times, but it wasn't the material that had gotten to me.  The realisation had dawned that if I'd been able to commit to my plans a few years ago and hadn't had the opportunity snatched from me, I could well have been completing an acting degree this year myself.  You see Amy and I were the only two mature students on the RSAMD's audition and interview prep course a few years ago—we were also appearing together in a musical at the time, that's how we'd gotten to know each other—but it was during that year that I took grievously ill and underwent the first of two rounds of major surgery.  It was also during that same period I split from my ex and found myself in deep financial trouble.  I wasn't able to complete the night classes, and any thought of me auditioning to study full time was put to bed.

I've spoken a bit about these hurdles in my blog before.  As much as I would love to have studied and fully pursued an acting career, I accept that particular window closed for a reason.  And others opened for me.  I still perform.  I'm still working in theatre.  My strength lies in writing and theatremaking, and right now I am being presented with all the right opportunities, support and good fortune that I need to develop and forge the career I've always wanted for myself.

And for that I am both happy and grateful.


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