Thursday, 10 November 2011

Week 11, Day 4 — New Chapter

This week got off to a rubbish start—a total nightmare, in fact.  I've been in disarray for days as a result.  But tonight I got to start a fresh chapter and put all of life's distractions out my mind.

And I'm excited.

I had my first mentoring session at the Playwrights' Studio.  We had a meet and greet first between mentors and mentees, found out a bit about where we all are and what we hope to achieve over the next six months.  Douglas Maxwell said something very encouraging and motivational during his wee spiel—that we should all congratulate ourselves on having arrived and look forward to what the industry had to offer us.

We then broke off to have our individual sessions, and Isabel Wright, my mentor, got straight to business.  I presented her with my worries, concerns, ambitions, obstacles—she listened to it all, took it all on board, then reminded me that none of it is actually important right now.  What's important is writing!  I've been so caught up in the melee of pitching ideas and trying to produce plays for the past few months that I've completely neglected the most obvious part of the whole process—actually committing work to paper.  We've set some homework, a pile of targets and I'm going to get stuck right into one of the projects I've been putting off working on for too long.

And as I've said, I'm excited.

I finally read this week's chapter on the commute home.  I'm so used to receiving positive signals and synchronicity now that I wasn't surprised in the slightest to read this on the first page:
“I must learn that as an artist my credibility lies with me, God, and my work.  In other words, if I have a poem to write, I need to write that poem—whether it will sell or not.”
If ever there was affirmation that I'm on the right path and getting the best guidance available, then there it is.

No, my problems haven't gone away.  But they don't define who I am.  If anything, they will make me stronger as an artist.


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