Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Week 12, Day 2 — Eh!?

I've said this right through The Aritst's Way, so it's no surprise to find myself saying it again.  I got stuck into this week's tasks tonight, and one of them asks you to repot any pinched and languishing plants (I won't explain the logic behind it though—you'll need to take the journey and find out for yoursel!).  Just last week I asked the girl who comes in to the office at work to water the plants for advice about my Madagascan Dragon Tree, which sadly started to shed its leaves and look a bit sorry for itself at the end of summer.  I've been really worried it might be dying.  Her reply?  Repot it and move it into better light.  The further into The Artist's Way I've delved, the more I've found myself saying "eh!?" when something like this happens; it's as if the book was specially written for me to cater for whatever's going on in my life at any given time.

I'm going to miss it after this week.

Another task was to write any fears or resistance I might have moving forward after this week.  I have plenty, but I also have optimism that the new routines and good habits I've developed will keep me on track.

I've done as many of the tasks as I want to for today.  I'm holding two or three back for now.


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