Monday, 14 November 2011

Week 11, Day 7 — Honest Changes

I finally got round to tackling this week's tasks.  I haven't completed all of them yet, so I'll spill over to tomorrow and pick up the rest then.  In the meantime, I have a few things to share.

5 ways I have changed since beginning The Artist's Way:
  1. My daily routine has changed, and my lifestyle has changed; I write every single day between my morning pages and my blog, and find that I'm more inspired to write out with these tasks too.
  2. My daily walks and fitness level have changed.  What started as simply walking to and from work with walks at lunchtime to keep fit has now become a daily pilgrimage of exploration; I love spending time in the ever-transforming park as the seasons unfold, I love traversing the streets of the city and drinking in architecture and details I previously would have sped past on public transport, and I love that even in the big anonymous city some of the people I regularly encounter now say a cheery hello as we meet.
  3. I'm not as afraid of being an artist.  Most of my life has been spent worrying about how I would support myself, or how my work would be judged or received, or whether or not I was good enough to even bother.  I now feel confident enough to just let it be, to simply commit to the act of creating.  Anything else that follows will happen of its own accord.
  4. I value talent.  Not just the talents I've been guilty of squirrelling away and not using to their full potential, but those of the people around me.  I recognise the work, effort and the journeys other artists have taken to get to where they are today.
  5. My priorities have changed.  There has been a definite shift in my motivation and attitude.  On the whole I am much more positive about the direction my life is taking.  I recognise that some people in my life are kicking against these changes and perhaps seek to derail me out of fear.  This will pass.  It is temporary, part of the rebirthing process.  I must stay committed to my journey and focus on my goals; those who support me will always respond with kindness.
5 ways I will change as I continue:
  1. I will continue to grow in confidence.
  2. I will continue to grow in fitness and physical awareness.
  3. I will continue to build relationships and strengthen those friendships that support and nurture my career.
  4. I will continue to work towards living as an independent artist.
  5. I will continue to grow as an artist and seek out opportunities to develop as a writer and performer.

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