Thursday, 6 October 2011

Week 6, Day 4 — And Breathe

I've just come off stage and feel totally pumped with adrenaline (though this isn't posting, it may appear later when I finally find wifi!).

I did it!  I pulled it off!  Mark my Director, Sarah the Co-ordinator and Louise the Tech kept me calm, put in their hardwork and within 4 hours had the show on the road.

I'm still buzzing from the audience reaction.  Part of me was convinced it might not be well received, and I was worried about the ticket sales despite being assured a lot of "walk-ins" were expected; it was genuinely a surprise to find a full house roaring with laughter!

This whole production has been a very humbling experience.  If you've read my blog posts you'll have shared in my highs and lows while getting the play on stage.  Thanks to my great friends, supporters and a hell of a lot of elbow grease and man-hours on my part, it's finally happened.

I can once again say "I'm Kris — I'm an Actor & Playwright" without feeling a fraud.  ;-)


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