Sunday, 2 October 2011

Week 5, Day 7 — Are you listening?

"God Week" is finally over.  Well, not entirely; the spirituality theme will carry on right through the course and beyond, but I can't help feeling a sense of relief that the focussed period of questioning is over.

You see, I don't adhere to a fixed idea or notion of God in the conventional sense.  I'm a free spirit who believes in the existence of a universal Great Creator, but I don't buy into the doctrines of the God of organised religion.  My beliefs allow science and art and spirituality to sit comfortably side by side — something has to have kicked it all off, right?

Spirituality aside, I think I've skated my way through this week's tasks a bit too casually.  My inner sceptic has dominated:  I'm under extreme pressure to produce the play, which is now terrifyingly only 4 days away, and as much as I've screamed PLEASE THROW ME A FRICKIN' BONE HERE all week, my Great Creator doesn't appear to have been listening.

Okay, I'll admit that may not be the most tactful Artist's Prayer ever spoken.

So, for the love of all that's good, if you are listening:  please, please, please help me get things on track.  I have a lot riding on this week going well — more for my sanity and self assurance than anything else.  I'm praying to catch the bus, and getting ready to run as fast as I can, as Julia put's it in The Artist's Way.

I'm about to take my last break before the week gets truly crazy.  Tonight's Artist's Date is a trip to the cinema to watch The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Concert beamed live from the Royal Albert Hall.  As a huge fan of the show I'm inordinately excited about seeing it.  I will need to make the most of this little outing, though, because the second it's over, it's time to work more intensely than I ever have.

In under 100 hours I'll be on stage with an audience in front of me...


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