Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Walking in this World—Week 2, Day 2

Tonight I had dinner with my friend Wilma, a fellow writer and Scots language champion. We chewed the cud over dinner and talked about our projects, our pasts and our passions. And in a funny wee twist of synchronicity discovered we were at the same playwriting workshop a few years ago back before we'd properly met!

We also spent time talking about how we'd ended up writing—how we both feel that we have to write. I thought a lot about our conversation on my way home. I have a pretty good sense of where I am at present and how I'd like my career to develop—I just need to figure out how I'm going to make some of the more difficult parts of the plan happen for me.

When I got in I sat down to complete the Identify Your Identity task. Interestingly, it asks many of the same questions that Wilma and I had chatted about earlier in the evening:  what I dreamed of doing as a child, how I was encouraged or discouraged, the things I fear might be too late for me, and the commitments I hope to make that could still take me forward. I guess I found the task a lot easier because I'd talked it through already.

I've made no secret of the fact I'm passionate about writing in Scots. Not all of my work is defined by it, but as my mither tongue it's important to me to express myself using the words and dialect I grew up with. After a guid auld blether with Wilma, I see a potential wee project on the horizon.


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