Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Walking in this World—Week 1, Day 3

Today's morning pages were a ramble.

Despite feeling exhausted I failed to sleep last night—my brain was too busy processing multitudes of thoughts. As I finished blogging my intention to head straight to bed, I received a reminder of an application I've been meaning to complete, and that set me off on a spiral of what if's and could I's to busy my already full mind. I ended up going out a walk at 2am to clear my head.

It perhaps serves as a timely reminder that there are more ways I need to look after myself than simply eating well and exercising. The brain (perhaps more importantly) needs care and attention too.

The next task of the week couldn't be more opportune.  It is, quite simply:

Do Nothing
This task asks that you do nothing—and that you do it thoroughly for fifteen minutes. Here is how to set your nothing up. First of all, cue up a piece of music that is both calming and expansive. Secondly, lie down. Stretch out on your back, fold your arms comfortably, and let your imagination speak to you. Close your eyes and follow your train of thought wherever it leads you into your past, into your future, into some part of your present that you have not been able, due to busyness, to fully enough inhabit. Listen to the music and to your thoughts gently unspooling and repeat to yourself gently this simple phrase, I am enough… I am enough… Stop striving to be more and appreciate what it is you already are.
Sounds like bliss. Had you asked me to do this several years ago my inner cynic might have sniggered at you then retreated. Right now, I can't wait to go home and give it a go. In fact I'm sorely tempted to sprawl out on the library floor and do nothing right here, right now!

Try it.

Do you meditate? If you do, what are your experiences? I used to take regular mental pauses—after yoga classes, during drama workshops, sessions at the Buddhist centre—but I've gradually lost the way of it and made less and less time as my life has become full and busy again.

I'll leave you with a snap from my morning walk into town—my very own ‘View from the Bridge’, if you will.  Today I captured the historic titan crane; the pyramid entrance to the SECC; the Armadillo; the ever-rising structure of the new Hydro arena; Glasgow University's spire in the distance; a juxtaposition of eras and industries reflected in the still of a calm, silent Clyde.


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