Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Walking in this World—Week 1, Day 2

I have a million and one things I should write about tonight.

I should update on a project I've been working on that is finally nearing fruition; I should talk about the three different routes I walked today; I should give a full run down of last night's Stage to Page workshops at the Playwrights' Studio where I observed some fascinating new work; I should write all about my experience today of being interviewed and broadcast live for the first time on BBC Radio Scotland's Culture CafĂ© in response to my petitioning and campaign to scrap impending arts taxes; I should reflect on the conversation I had with an old lady about the Garden Festival as we crossed the Bells Bridge on my walk back from BBC's riverside studios; I should mention the kindness of old theatre colleagues who still look out for me 10 years after we finished working together; I should talk about witnessing a robbery that happened so quickly no one could react; or I should write a whole post dedicated to how much I loved An Appointment With the Wickerman tonight, and how proud I am to have so many talented friends that make such brilliant theatre.

I keep saying should, but I'm so utterly exhausted that I am collapsed on the sofa and intend to do only one more thing today:



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